About us

Enter a new world of luxury spices and cultural delight! 

Lord & Lion brings the authentic flair of Indian and Sri Lankan flavours, wrapped in the incomparable elegance of the Sub-continent, straight into Australian homes just in time for Christmas. This is the first time a new product range of such authenticity and delight has been created for the Australian culinary and gift markets. 

The two women behind Lord & Lion are inherently connected with this heritage brand of beautiful, luxury spices. 

Noopur Bakshi, a local Sydneysider, hails from a family of creative, artistic entrepreneurs in India. Her forefathers were Ayurvedic doctors who have passed on a number of generations-old family recipes using everyday spices as remedies. 

Eresha De Zoysa, a local who grew up right here in Sydney, is a 4th generation spice merchant. Her family has been in the tea and spice business in Sri Lanka for over 120 years and they are currently the largest exporter of organic spices in Sri Lanka. 

Together, these two women are both extraordinarily passionate about sharing their heritage, culture and secret recipes in a way which is informative, fun and engaging. 

One might say that they have spices coursing through their veins, both metaphorically and literally!


From our family, to yours