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BBQ Lover's Gift Pack

A new collection by Lord and Lion: BBQ Lover's Gift Pack!

Inspired by and designed for the travellers, nomads, and explorers of beautiful Australia, The BBQ Lover's Gift Pack is the perfect camping companion for even the most seasoned adventurer!

These delicious spice mixes are everything you need to take your outdoor adventures to the next level! Use each of these as spice rubs for your meats and vegetables or to make the most authentic and flavoursome curries. Each jar comes with a QR code which links to our most favourite yet simple recipes so you too can experience these taste sensations.

Whilst cooking in the great outdoors, you don’t need much to turn your meals from purely nutritious into something to be proud of. The versatility, purity, and convenience of this collection of spice blends takes the guesswork out of what to bring on an adventure.

The BBQ Lover's Gift Pack collection includes:

No refrigeration required, airtight bottles, and easy to store packaging makes your camp food experience completely hassle-free!

These spice blends are made with only the very best spices, no additives, no preservatives and completely vegan.

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