Weekend Wanderlust: Nine Arch Bridge

December 13, 2021

Weekend Wanderlust: Nine Arch Bridge

You absolutely must visit Sri Lanka’s Nine Arch Bridge – not only is it an architectural masterpiece, it is located in a little slice of heaven. Found right in the midst of thick, luscious jungle and tea plantations, Nine Arch Bridge stands out from every angle. Made entirely of stone, it spans the most picturesque gorge in hill country, just outside Ella.

The Bridge in the Sky...

Known as ‘The Bridge in the Sky’, being built over 3km above sea level, the Nine Arches forms a viaduct between Demodara and Ella and is one of the most incredible feats of colonial architecture you’ll ever see.

Immediately after being commissioned under the British in 1921, the steel reserved for construction of the Bridge was reallocated to Europe for Britain’s efforts during the World War and so Ceylon was left to construct the bridge without the steel.  Despite the arduous nature of constructing this monolithic bridge entirely of stone, it was achieved by the locals and today, this birdge stands proudly – 91 long and 24 metres high – without any steel to support it.
This bridge was more recently catapulted to fame following the country really opening up to tourists in a major way over the last decade.  Now, toursits the world over come and visit to see the famous blue trains making their way across the Nine Arch Bridge. Be sure to visit and experience one of the most photographed (and instragrammed!) bridges in the world!
How to get there: Once you get to Ella Town (by train, bus or private car), you can make your way by foot, tuk tuk or a combination of both!
Best views: Asanka Café, perched up on the gorge is a beautiful spot to capture the views from above.
Where to Stay:  Have a look at the Secret Ella – spectacular views, an infinity pool overlooking the gorge, beyond stunning!
There’s so much more that can be said about the sheer beauty of this experience, but we’ll leave you to experience it for yourselves!
Images courtesy of thecommonwander.com