10 Reasons to Give a Spice Gift Box for Any Celebration

December 23, 2020

10 Reasons to Give a Spice Gift Box for Any Celebration


10 Reasons to Give a Spice Gift Box for Any Celebration (or even just because!)

It’s the holiday season again, and that means it’s time to get your gifts in order. But what’s the chance you’ll see all your friends and relatives in person this year? Sometimes, gift boxes are the simplest way to show you care. 

But choosing the perfect gift boxes can be tricky. Does Aunt Gertrude really need another spa set? Will this clothing or that jewelry fit your friend’s curves or taste? Doesn’t Uncle Lester have enough gift cards for his weekly flat whites? 

Well we’re taking the guesswork out of this year’s shopping list, because we’ve got just the gift box for you. It’s a gift that keeps on giving - that can make the coldest day a little warmer, the darkest night a little brighter, and every meal a little better. We’re talking about a curated spice box. 



10 reasons to give a spice gift box for any celebration

Giving a luxury spice box for the holidays will show your best friend, business partner, brother-in-law what sophisticated taste you have. Once anyone tries the meals created from our  spices at Lord & Lion, everyone will be envious of what a great gifter you are. 

But enough about you. The holidays are all about giving to others, and we’re here to tell you 10 reasons why spice gift boxes make the very best gifts for anyone on the ‘nice list.’   

1. It’s a group experience 

A spice gift box is something the whole family can enjoy. Whether they’re helping in the kitchen, or simply digging into the delicious finished feast, everyone can partake in the joy that high-quality spices bring to a meal. 

If you’re anything like our families, spices will bring you together. Cooking is a bond that we share. Our spices hold memories. On our kitchen floor, we pass down our knowledge between generations, and our very best family time is spent gossiping over a simmering pot of masala. 

We hope we can share just a small glimpse of that bond with you - through our recipes, through our family memories and through a shared experience that immerses all of your senses. 

2. It can elevate any kitchen 

Spices and seasonings can take your cooking to the next level. They are also what make mulled wine, carrot cake and a hot cup of chai so delightful. Whether you’re cooking, baking or making a decadent refreshment, spices can truly transform your final product.

Not all spices are created equal though. At Lord & Lion, we carefully curate our spices to make sure you are getting the best of the best. Our spices are fresh, hand-picked and of the highest quality. There is no comparison to store-bought spice mixes, so even a well-seasoned chef will appreciate these sophisticated spices. 

3. It can be enjoyed again and again 

Why opt for a one-and-done gift when there are gift boxes that keep giving all year round? Spices are delightful in any season, and the spices in a Lord & Lion gift box come in generous portions for long-lasting enjoyment. Who doesn’t like a meal packed with flavour?

Whoever the lucky recipient of your spice box is, they’ll be able to choose the best times to enjoy your gift - for months and years to come. And when they reach for that beautiful jar of spices, or tuck into a warm, delicious meal - they’ll think of you. 

4. It lets you travel without leaving home

We don’t usually get to travel as often as we’d like. One of the best ways to experience travel from the comfort of home is through the aromas and bold flavours of exotic cuisine. 

Take one bite of a sour fish ambul thiyal with curry, cardamon, turmeric and ginger and you’ll be transported straight into the Sri Lankan jungle. Take one sip of an asafoetida and cumin-spiced mattha and it’s summer on the banks of the Ganges. 

Whether stuck in a lockdown, or trying to save some money by staying in, travellers will be feeling the itch to explore far-flung places. Help your loved ones scratch that wanderlust itch. A Lord & Lion spice box allows them to travel to distant places - without ever getting on a plane. 

5. It has something for everyone 

You don’t need to be a culinary genius to enjoy luxury spices. In fact, the family recipes we include in our food gift boxes are incredibly easy to follow. Even those who barely set foot in their kitchens will find something to enjoy - and they may even fall in love with cooking in the process. 

For those who are skilled at the stove, Lord & Lion spices can level-up their already fabulous creations. The quality of our carefully curated spices is absolutely unparalleled, and a talented cook will immediately notice - and appreciate - the difference. They are sure to love our family recipes, but our high-quality spices are sure to elevate their very own infamous creations as well.

Even children will love spice gift boxes! We start teaching children the art of cooking from a very young age. The knowledge of spices and the joy of a bubbling bagara baingan runs in our veins thanks to the teachings of our parents and grandparents - and that’s an unforgettable gift that can be given to children in any family. 

6. It ships directly to the recipient 

Let’s be honest. The holiday season can be absolutely frantic. We want to make it as simple and stress-free as possible. You don’t need to worry about going to the mall, or mailing anything by yourself. We will ship our Lord & Lion spice gift boxes straight to the recipient’s doorstep. 

Our luxury spice boxes come in stunning packaging, which means they don’t even need to be wrapped. They are a beautiful gift as is. We’ll even give you a tracking link, so you can ensure your gift makes it all the way to its destination.  

7. It could even be good for your health

Ayurvedic medicine has been around for over 3,000 years - so there must be something to it. And, much of Ayurveda is centered around the positive health benefits of your diet through spices and herbs. 

When you add Lord & Lion spices into your diet, you can benefit from these ancient remedies, and the knowledge of our ancestors. You can learn our family tips and tricks that may even be able to lower blood pressure, improve eyesight, and help with weight loss among many other benefits. 

So if you have that one relative you wish would go to the doctor, you can lend a helping hand without them ever being the wiser for it. 

8. It gives back to our local communities 

When you give the gift of a Lord & Lion spice box, you’re giving a gift to so many hard working people. Ten percent of all our proceeds go to the farming and rural communities in India and Sri Lanka - the very people who helped put these spices on your loved one’s table. 

That means you’re making this holiday more meaningful and special for more than just the recipient of your luxe food gift box, but also for deserving families around the world. Talk about a feel-good holiday experience. 

9. It brings out the holiday spirit 

Nothing screams ‘holiday’ like spices. From your infamous spiced baby back ribs, to your mum’s mince pies, to a classic Christmas pudding, spices add something truly festive to the dinner table. So, what better time to share a high-quality spice gift box?

Your gift recipient can make their very own fresh gingerbread, or a refreshing iced chai for a hot January day. And, they can celebrate all year long with the spices you give them, so it’s like a holiday every day. 

10. It lets you in on our secrets 

When you give the first of Lord & Lion spice boxes, the recipient is in for a real treat. For the first time ever, we are translating recipes passed down through our families for ages. We are also giving you insider tips that no one outside our family members has ever had access to. 

When you open one of our spice gift boxes, you’re getting so much more than just top-quality spices. 

You’re getting our grandma’s best secrets for enticing, five-star, flavourful dishes. You’re getting a glimpse into age-old traditions and techniques from India and Sri Lanka. And, you’re even going to glean some knowledge from our wise Ayurvedic doctor ancestors. 

Spice up the holiday season with premium spice gift boxes 

Gift the joy of expertly-seasoned, delectable cuisine with our curated spice gift boxes. Gift the warmth, the adventure, the family connection. The holidays are the perfect time to introduce the people you love to something new and unique that they might not try for themselves - and this is it. 

So what comes in a Lord & Lion spice box?

Each set of our spices comes packaged in a sturdy, elegant box. The box contains five closely guarded family recipes, a luxurious tea towel, two deliciously fragrant fresh cinnamon sticks, a golden spice spoon and 12 of the highest-quality spices available on the global market. 

You’re not only getting some truly luxe products in these elegant food gift boxes, you’re receiving our knowledge, our traditions and a long-lasting delicious experience. That means you’d better get ready to explore far-off cuisines, and learn some scintillating family secrets in the process. 

So why not share that special gift with the ones you care about most? You’re not only giving your friend, family member or business partner countless tasty meals and hours of fun in the kitchen - you’re letting them become a part of our family legacy. And we think that is absolutely priceless.