The Ultimate Lord & Lion Christmas Gift Pack

This Lord & Lion Christmas Gift Pack is the ultimate present for that special person who is obsessed with cooking and traveling the world. Packed full of incredible flavours and aromas from around the world, this gift pack comes complete with:

  • The Maharaja Spice Box, full of Indian spices and our favourite easy-to-follow Indian recipe cards
  • The Lankan Spice Box, full of Sri Lankan spices and our favorite easy-to-follow Sri Lankan recipe cards
  • A Wild Indian Plum Conserve – for glazing the Christmas ham.
  • Majestic Mango Conserve – for Mango Fish – a summer twist on the everyday fish.
  • Biryani Rice Masala – to mix through the wild rice to accompany the Mango Fish – so aromatic!
  • Singapore Chilli Garlic Sauce –  for wok-tossing through seafood or for simply using as a dip with fresh prawns, scallops, oysters and absolutely anything else.
  • Tandoori Tikka Mayonnaise – for drizzling over the roast chicken and roast vegies – the tangy, mildly spiced flavours are so flavoursome, you’ll want to dip everything into it!
  • Fancy Fig Orange Conserve for the fancy cheese plate you’ll be grazing on all afternoon.
  • The Lord & Lion signature cotton apron, 4 tea towels and 4 gold spoons
  • A signed copy of Peter Kuruvita’s cookbook, Serendip, packed full of stories and adventures, along with Peter’s favourite family recipes – this also includes a set of 7 of Peter Kuruvita’s beautiful recipe cards
  • A Christmas card for a personalized message to that special someone

This is the ultimate in gift packs for the foodie in your family – let
them know how special they are with this unique gift, all wrapped
with all the bells and whistles!