Majestic Mango Conserve

April 04, 2021

Majestic Mango Conserve

"Hold on to the taste of summer with this Alphonso Mango Conserve. Our mangoes are hand plucked in Ratnagiri on the western coast of India, home to the best Alphonsos in the world. Perfect with curries, cheeses and meats. Add it to everything - burgers, fish tacos, pavlova and ice cream."

How to use Majestic Mango Conserve

This delicious conserve doesn't miss a trick. Pair it with a soft cheese like goat's cheese or brie, use it for your party platters, kids lunchboxes, for desserts, drinks, on pancakes, breakfast oats or cereal, in a smoothie, as a salad dressing, dipping sauce, sandwich spread or as a marinade for meat, fish or any protein. You can even add a spoon or two into your favourite curries for a sweet and tangy flavour. Truly your one stop solution for so many meals.

Also available - Majestic Mango Conserve (No Added Flavour)

What makes us different:

  • No added colours or flavours, very low sugar content
  • Whole fruit, real vegetables, herbs and spices
  • 100% pure vegetarian
  • No MSG
  • Farm to bottle - fresh produce
  • Authentic taste